Dear Chris –

We hope this letter finds you WELL. We were in DEEP despair until Allen PIPED up that we should call you. You arrived and PUMPED up our spirits. You DOVE right in and IMMERSED yourself in determining what to do next. We are OVER-FLOWING with gratitude for your DEPTH of knowledge and skill in finding a SOLUTION to our problem. Once you got started, the project FLOWED smoothly. We DRILLED home the fact that you are the best in the business.

So…. We SHOWER you with our appreciation and send you GALLONS of accolades.

WATERever would we do without you!!!

Love, All of us at Foothill Storage

Foothill Storage

Awesome people that provide a great service to the community!!

Jan Angeja

WONDERFUL WEBSITE! If any of you want quality customer service and workmanship….ABBEY WATER WELL is the go to well service. Anyone in Calaveras Co. will tell ‘ya!!!

Tracy Lynn Hudson

A great team, very thorough and reliable.

Peggy Fields

Called to mention glitch in my pump that would undoubtedly need to be fixed. Steve said turn off the power and we will be out. I unfortunately have “city”water, so I was not left without.I only knew they had come because the bill came. This whole process (mail and all) took 2 days! Amazing service. Amazing family!

Lisa & Greg Jochner

We would like to thank you for your help. You are always there when we have needed you. We appreciate the quick response and service even on a holiday weekend.

Thank You Again,
Valley Springs Church of Christ

Valley Springs Church of Christ


can’t tell you how much it meant to have you 1. come out right away and 2. tell me that you would take care of the problem. I lost my husband at the end of march and each hurdle to cross with this house makes me emotional. It is great to know that I can call with a problem with the water .

Thank You Again For Your Kindness,


The guys at Abbey are great!! They came out on a Sunday morning, and had the problem fixed with no problems. VERY affordable too! They’ve been doing a yearly service on my well for several years now, and they’ve always been very courteous and quick. I HIGHLY recommend them!

Teresa P

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